So, just (attempted) car sex for the first time. Safe to say, that didn’t go well…

It was bad from the go. First of all hes “straight/confused” but been after me on and off since school.
He picked me up in his little compact car and took me down a dark country road so no one could see us.

The conversation with a guy that I haven’t seen in nearly 2 year was at best awkward and at worst non - existent, with the old faithful “so what have you been up too” ice breaker thrown in more than once.

After getting sick of the small talk and making the first move, things began to get heated pretty fast. Faces mashing together and tongs wrestling for domination, we were in the back and fighting for the real domination in minutes.

Things were going great! A blow job here, a finger in the ass there. Then a became aware of the lack of eye contact, the one - sided conversation, the lack of general enjoyment that pretty much guaranteed a limp dick.

So with the lack of lube and my now chafing dick, we decided to call in a night as it seemed no one was going to cum.

That’s when the rolls were reversed and I became the one that was quiet and he started having a go at me… That was a long journey home…

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